Unrelated Entirely

Warmth (Shambhavi Singh)

I have some questions
And some answers
Unrelated entirely…
They came from that place where
Sequence matters only in appearances.

I have this question that:
Are my tears the inverse evidence
Of your being…?
Like thirst is the inverse presence
Of quenching water?

And there is this separate answer that
Sincerity is your little finger
Holding on to the little finger
Of Truth…
As, together, you walk this circus.

And this idea too, I have, that if
You want to keep moving forward
The most important thing is
To stay still inside
And want nothing.

But why do I sit, overwhelmed,
Ever since I got wind of your coming
Even though I half believe my luck?
Yet, my other half has begun to dress up
As if, at the break of dawn, you’ll be here.