Privacy Policy

A Thousand Ways… is just an ordinary blog about extraordinary living. Published by one me. There are those who inspire me, stand by me and, sometimes, even kick my butt to get on with it, but it is not a company or organisation of any kind. Therefore, this website has very little to do with those big privacy laws that are the norm. But, being even a miniscule part of the public sphere via the internet, there are some ethics to be followed and declared, which put active meaning into vital things like mutual respect and freedom. Here they are:

What I do with the information you provide?
The email ids you provide for subscribing to the ATW Newsletter are used expressly by the Mail Poet plug-in that I use as my divine postman, and none other. If you write to me directly, again, your email ids, and any other information you share with me, stays with me. I value your freedom exactly as much as I value my own, which is quite like a wolf guarding her natural territory.

What happens to the information automatically collected?
A Thousand Ways…is published on WordPress and they do collect statistical information to improve their own services and to help improve the websites of publishers like me. Such information is visible to me in the form of bar graphs. The colours grow deeper and taller when more of you come visiting, and that’s enough for me to know in order to keep going.

What else?
Well, there are all sorts of cyber hacks and unthinkable things like that, which all of us are vulnerable to and at all times. But the worst doesn’t usually happen. Or that often. Or to drunk people. So, now we can go back to the current happy status that you and your information/data is safe and secure on A Thousand Ways…and that I am doing whatever is within my human control to keep it that way.

Thank you for reading!